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COVID Cancellation for Now

Prince Edward Island has moved to Alert Level: CAUTION AND RESTRICTED also known as the December 2020 Circuit Breaker. The Province is fighting the second wave by limiting public assembly among other restrictions.

We have been working since August on the Crapaud Official Plan and Development Bylaw project. Our work has focused on community demographics and the local economy, which we have outlined in our post here. We have also been researching the environment and climate change, and will provide posts on both soon.

Our intention was to hold community meetings over the course of three days in Crapaud. We want to report our research directly and discuss the planning process with community members. Council scheduled those meetings this week; however, we have unfortunately had to postpone.

As the pandemic has recently revived in Canada, Atlantic Canadian governments has re-instituted restrictions on movement and assembly. The province is now on Alert Level: CAUTION AND RESTRICTED also known as the December 2020 Circuit Breaker. The Circuit Breaker includes many reasonable restrictions that Islanders are dealing with. The most important from our point of view is that “[o]rganized gatherings, including faith gatherings, [are limited to] no more than 10 people indoors and outdoors, excluding staff.”

As we hope to see more than ten participants from the community, we had no choice but to postpone in consultation with municipal staff. With considerable uncertainty concerning the “return to normal,” we have not moved to reschedule. We will when the future becomes clearer and will announce it here. If restrictions on public assembly continue, we will consider alternatives with your municipal staff and Council, including the possibility of arranging and conducting online sessions using Zoom or similar applications.

In the mean time, look for more posts. We have some more information to share we hope you’ll find it interesting. We also hope it will raise some issues for you to consider and discuss when we finally have the opportunity to get together.

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