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A Guide to Planning for Crapaud

Why We’re in Crapaud

The Municipal Government Act adopted by the Province of Prince Edward Island late in 2018, requires Island municipalities to have official municipal plans and related bylaws. Like several other Island municipalities, the Rural Municipality of Crapaud does not have an Official Plan, a Zoning Bylaw, or Subdivision Bylaw.

Crapaud Council has engaged Stantec Consulting Limited to prepare the necessary documents over the course of the coming year. Creating the first Plan and Bylaws for Crapaud will involve the community. We will be starting from scratch and will need to make an accurate record of land use in the community. We will need community members to verify it and to share with us their aspirations for future development. We want to know what kind of community you want Crapaud to be. We will be hosting important public meetings to hear your views.

We are closing our survey on Wednesday, February 24. Click the box below now to share your thoughts about Crapaud:

Crapaud Community Planning Survey

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Our Approach

What We’re Going to Do


Our first priority is to understand Crapaud. We have many sources of information to which we can refer.

With the Internet available to us we can learn a great deal about any community from websites and archived information. We learned about Crapaud’s municipal history from materials in the Province’s online archive when we prepared our bid to undertake this project. We will consult past reports on the community dealing with its infrastructure and environment, statistical information on its demography, and other available materials to learn more. We’ll draw on the expertise of our team members as well.


We’ll look forward to providing Crapaud residents with new insights to their community based on our Research and Analysis but the main influence on the Plan and Bylaw preparation process will be their information and insights.

Consultation is critical and we will conduct surveys and organize meetings to obtain your opinions and work out consensus views on the issues that the Plan and Bylaw should address. We are going to have two survey online that can be accessed from this site, two back-to-back consultation meetings in Crapaud to identify issues in the community and discuss potential responses, and two review meetings to present draft documents and get your feedback as the key basis for their revision.


The product of our work in Crapaud will be provided on paper or, if you prefer, online. We will be writing an Official Plan, a Zoning Bylaw, and a Subdivision Bylaw. We expect the two bylaws will be combined in a single development bylaw.

Many municipalities in PEI have these documents. They have a prescribed structure dictated by legislation (the Province of PEI Planning Act) but they also vary from place to place. They are usually lengthier and more complex in large communities like Charlottetown and Stratford.

Crapaud is a smaller community so we can expect its documents will be briefer and simpler. We are however preparing the first plan and bylaw for the community and start from scratch will be a special challenge in which we look forward to involving all interested members of the community.

What We’ll Produce

The Official Plan project will actually result in three important documents that will define the community’s objectives and create a framework for its future development.

Official Plan

The Official Plan is a policy document that sets out the intentions of the community for its future development. It will often include a “Vision” reflecting the overall aspirations for the community. The focus of an Official Plan will be on land use matters like the location of commercial development and provisions for housing but it can also deal with issues like environmental protection and economic development.

Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw implements the Plan by setting out general standards for land development and specific standards for each land use type within the community such as height, setback, and maximum lot coverage. Specific land uses (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial) are identified with zones on a Zoning Map, which is a very important component of the zoning bylaw identifying where each land use is to be permitted with the community.

Subdivision Bylaw

The Subdivision Bylaw creates rules for land development such as requirements for road access, road dimensions and maximum slope, lot arrangement. Up to now, Most PEI municipalities combine the Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Bylaw into a Development Bylaw.

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